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Providing amazing Telephone Sale solutions since 2001

We can achieve high quality sales conversions and or sales leads.


Telemarketing No Setup fees

Telemarketing No Hidden fees

Telemarketing No Offshore callers

Telemarketing No Lock-in contracts

Telemarketing No excuses, just results!


What is Telesales?

Our definition of Telesales is any telemarketing activity whereby a sales transaction occurs over the phone. Of course some people use Telesales as a generic term for telemarketing.

Telesales considerations

The sale is the final part of the Telesales process and depending on your sales product or service, may take one or two calls, or numerous calls over weeks sometimes months. In between, their could be information provided to gain trust of the prospective purchaser, and numerous follow-up calls to nurture the lead.

There are other variables involved that impact how quickly a sale occurs. For example if a Telesales phone call is to a previous or current customer that already knows your brand or if it's a cold call. Of course on a cold call you would have more work to do to establish trust and this would take longer to achieve a sales compared to an existing or past customer.

And generally the higher the sales price the more work needs to be done to achieve a sale.

In all the above scenarios we have experience across a range of products/ services and industries from $10 items for sale, to blocks of land site unseen.

What We offer

Telemarketing Full activity reporting,

Telemarketing Free from any hidden costs or charges,

Telemarketing Free from long term binding contracts,

Telemarketing Free advice and scripting,

Telemarketing Free campaign data upload and implementation, and

Telemarketing Free from any telecommunication charges,

How it all works

  1. First we send you a proposal,
  2. If you accept our proposal we send you our campaign brief to collect details about your requirements,
  3. We can then design your script and send to you for approval,
  4. If you require a customer database we will send you our List Data order form to complete so we can arrange your database,
  5. Once we have all this in place we start calling,
  6. Then each day you will receive a detailed report of the previous days calls as well as automatically receiving an email of each booked appointment as they occur (Live).
  7. At the end of the campaign we will send your a campaign summary report with call results and associated customer comments enclosed.

Don’t trust an amateur with your project. Other professionals know it pays to use professionals. CONTACT US and you'll find out why we are different from the rest.


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