About Guarantees in Telemarketing

Offering a guarantee on any kind of outcome is highly improbable as there are many uncontrollable variables in marketing. And that is what we are doing, Marketing.

Of course telemarketing has distinct advantages over most forms of marketing such as in covering objections, leading a prospect to a call to action, and obtaining feedback.

However marketing is a creative process and just because there may be a desire and expectation for a known outcome, it does not work that way.

It’s not up to a wish, a want, or projection for an outcome rather it’s up to the market to decide based on the marketing message and the perceived value of an offer. It simply cannot be an equation but is always a process of trial and error. That is marketing.

Even though we have been doing many of the same industries since 2001; no two campaigns have ever had the same result, not one; not even within the same industry sectors!

As an example we have counted over 40 factors that can affect results and here are some more common ones below.

  • Your choice of Prospects of Age, Sex, Ethnicity, and Wealth status,
  • Your choice of Industry Categories,
  • Your choice of Key Decision Maker (Target) type,
  • Your choice if we call at the current Economic Cycle,
  • Your choice if we call at the current Political Cycle,
  • Your Choice of Geographical Zones,
  • Your choice of the time of the year you commence telemarketing,
  • Your USP’s effectiveness,
  • Your product or service perceived benefit,
  • Your sales Cycle,
  • Your choice of how you want your Sales to be processed. (If you require sales over the phone; how complicated (or easy) your sales process is. The more or less steps may or may not make sales easier).
  • Your choice of how you want your Appointments to be setup. (If appointments are being set; then how little or how much qualifying needs to be done? There can be simply 1 or 2 qualifying questions, or there can be 3,4,5 etc. Each extra question has an unknown impact).

Of course advice can be provided on some of these factors however ultimately these have to be your choices. In fact most of these factors are purely your choice and thus that choice impacts the results.

For example no one but you should know their own customers better and therefore only you can say who your best target audience is. Knowing who your customers are is a fundamental of business. Nor can we influence how well your product or service will be received. We also cannot influence your Sales Cycle, Your Appointment Criteria, Your preferred Geographical Zone to target, time of the year etc. You get the picture.

For anyone to offer any kind of guarantee with these variables (out of up to 40) it’s well…….lets just say, it’s highly improbable! But it is easy for us or anyone to say and do anything just to get your business. It is even easy to manufacture Testimonials. How?

Well one way is to setup what is called in other industries a “loss Leader” telemarketing campaign. How it works is they decide to complete a campaign and throw as many resources as possible until they get a good result (much more than that “loss leader” customer is aware of) all the while making a loss on the campaign. However they happily do this as they sucker new clients in with this tactic saying look at our happy customer or customers. So they lose money on these “loss Leader” testimonial clients simply in an effort to continuously bring in more highly profitable business, like you. And yes of course they would deny this why would they admit this.

Another way is fake Testimonials you see on the website. If you bother to call them, many have no such person whom works their or they have never heard of that telemarketing company and deny ever having done any work with them.

And yet another way is to provide Testimonials from their own other businesses that you are not even aware they own. In fact some have more than one telemarketing business owned by the same organization.

You see there are many ways to deceive and it’s devious and there are tricksters out there that do this right now.

Why are we telling you this? Why don’t we do the same to get your business? – it certainly would be easier.

We believe in a frank, open and honest approach in telling you how it really is upfront. Simply saying what a prospective client wants to hear; is what poor and unprofessional companies do.

In summing up; if it sounds too good to be true…..you know the rest. And just because you need to know set outcomes doesn’t make it possible.

Don’t trust an amateur with your project.

Professionals know it pays to use other professionals.


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