Cloud Based Host PBX

Maybe our telemarketing wasn’t right for you, or not just yet anyway.

We also offer a Hosted Cloud Based PBX System because traditional PBX systems are expensive to set-up and maintain.

A Hosted PBX service is where the call platform and PBX features are hosted at a remote server location. You connect via the Internet to the service. “Hosted” means to say that the hardware and PBX is hosted at an off-site location from where the VoIP telephone service is being used

Our Cloud based PBX system is very cost effective and replaces your entire phone system. There is no need to pay for expensive phone systems. No need for expensive ongoing technician fees and charges.

Phone numbers can be set-up so that you greet callers with a professionally recorded message, offer prompts to direct to them the correct department or leave a message. And play a separate after hours message, a separate public holiday message, and have it divert to any phone.

Our PBX system has multiple layers of redundancy including load balanced geographically separate data centre locations, this means that even if a primary facility is completely destroyed, data is automatically rerouted to secondary facilities with no loss in efficiency or call quality.

You can read more at our dedicated web site.

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