Understandably businesses do not want to risk hard earned money on lengthy telemarketing trials in case it doesn’t work. But what if, it didn’t work just because of the duration?

Generally it is hard to compare Apples with Apples, however is this case study we compare two different campaign durations by two different Canon business owners.

Although they are separate businesses, run by separate owners; they each sell the same products and require targeting of the same markets with the same key decision maker types and we even used the exact identical script for both of them.

The only change was campaign duration from one business owner to the other.

With all telemarketing campaigns, it is rare to get a hold of your target person on the very first call. And if the telemarketing campaign duration is too short then you end up recalling the same numbers too often to the point the person answering the calls can become irritated.

Then if you stretch out a small campaign over extra days or weeks to avoid that issue, you run into another issue of lack of flow and rhythm for a telemarketer due to the stop start nature.

As mentioned, both businesses were identical to each other, bar one variable; the telemarketing campaign duration.

The Canon business that followed our recommendations, are still our customers and doing very well. The other Canon business never tried telemarketing again believing it a complete failure leaving their competitors that do telemarketing to gain market share.

If you are seriously considering a telemarketing agency as a long term lead generation strategy, then do your business a favour and give telemarketing a proper go.

We generally recommend no less than 1-month trial. Optimally 3-months will give you the best chance of establishing clear benchmarks for your business.


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