How All Our Telemarketing Processes Work

We never use any form of existing lead. All our leads are generated fresh and tailored to your exact requirements.

We generate our leads with our telemarketers making phone calls to new and or existing customers on your behalf.

They are generated exclusively for you and have never and will never be used by any another other person or company.

How To Get Started

After accepting our quote and you wish to proceed; we operate on a first in first served basis whereby once we have reached our capacity, we may be booked out for months at a time.

This is due to us not wishing to lower the quality of our service by just hiring backpackers, uni students or poor telemarketers just to increase our number of callers.

If you wish to book in your campaign you will initially need to complete our campaign brief. The Campaign Brief form is used as the main document to construct your campaign including using it for any script development. It is specifically designed to enable us to complete your campaign.

Campaign Preparation

The next step is to construct your campaign and train our staff. This also includes script design if required. During this phase we carry out the following tasks;

  • An internal strategic planning session covering all information within your brief.
  • If requested, we will design of your telephone script.
  • Then test your script with internal role plays and send you a copy of our script for approval.
  • Next we will upload your campaign into our system which includes assigning relevant results outcomes for each call, set call times, email templates, and any adjustments and retesting.
  • Once completed, we will clone your live campaign and setup a testing campaign for our staff to train with prior to being ready to go live.

Once all passed internally, we then conduct a final training session to ensure all aspects of the campaign are covered. After this set-up period, we are ready to commence. This does not include any last minute client changes required which would add further time to set-up.


Commencement is subject to any other project that has booked in prior to yours. Please allow as much time as possible to avoid disappointment as we do turn away projects, sometimes months at a time.

During The Campaign

During the campaign you will receive Live leads as they occur straight from our system. If required, you are able to make minor script variations during the campaign, however script changes will cause delay and can take up to 1-2 days to implement and a further half day for re-training.

Campaign Summary Reports

We will provide completed summary report upon conclusion only. We stand by our results and do not ask our clients to commit to any long term contract. Instead we believe in developing long term relationships with our clients without long term binding contracts by demonstrating outstanding results.

As you can see, we are thorough. After all, it’s your brand, your reputation.


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