We all want certainty when working out our cost per customer acquisition.

However there are factors you should be aware of when considering pursuing a commission or rate per result based Telemarketer as customers are more aware of sales tactics these days and don’t respond to pressure tactics.

The best strategy is to lead someone to an outcome they feel they made themselves, not forcing or manipulating them. Any good telemarketer can manipulate someone to an outcome.

However generally the quality of these leads will be poor. And those telemarketers end up adopting a scorched earth approach, to compensate for the low quality leads.

This ends up burning through large volumes of contacts in order to get enough quality leads.

The mentality of a “churn and burn” telemarketer is they see each customer as low value before they even call and act accordingly when they call.

This can do damage to your brand.

Worse is once you have gone this path, it is often too difficult to correct. This is because the sheer volume of calls needed for this approach means your brand has had too many negative points of contact meaning there is not a lot left over that haven’t been called and burnt.

The reality is no one can force a quality outcome.

It is better to have a telemarketer sell “what’s in it” for the customer and lead them to a desired outcome. It will lead to better quality leads and sustainable outcomes.

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