It doesn’t matter what of type of business you have, how small or large, we have over 300 Australian agents that will answer your customer calls when you can’t.

Simply work out how many calls per month you would receive. Excess calls charged at $3 per call.

At $2.50 per call
At $1.50 per call
At $1.00 per call

No setup fees and no lockin contracts – FREE 7 DAY TRIAL

Local telemarketers

We also offer;

  • Full Call Centre capabilities,
  • Access to our Cloud PBX system, and
  • Hosting for your 1300 phone number at $20 a month $30 a month for 1800 phone numbers.

Some common questions

Can I divert only some calls when I get busy?

Yes. We can set it up so that your phone rings for a set number of seconds before it diverts to us to answer.

Do you have any lock-in contracts or terms?

No. You can cancel at anytime.

Can you book in appointments into my calendar?

Yes. We can perform any admin duties you require. However, this is billed per minute instead of per call.

Are your staff Australian?

Yes. All local callers born in Australia.

How long does it take to set up?

On average, within 24 hours, however it depends on what you require.

I am a very small entity, will this be suitable for me?

Certainly yes. In fact, it gives small businesses a bigger and more professional image. And our pricing is very affordable.

What quality assurance do you offer?

If at any time you are not happy with our service you can cancel immediately with no penalty or cancellation fees.

Do you provide Outbound calling as well?

Yes of course. We provide all types of outbound lead generationtelemarketing services, should you ever require this. To give you anidea of how you could use our telemarketing; some of our customers haveus call their database, calling as a “Hi we’re calling to just say thankyou for being a customer……..” all the while asking to 1) update theircontact details 2) and then asking if they need any further assistanceright now.

This generates 1) incredible good will with customers 2) updates yourdatabase and 3) brings in new business. Or you could even just have uscold call to generate new customers.