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Outbound Business to business telemarketing requires a very different skill set from inbound telemarketing. Outbound telemarketers require a very high level of understanding about the entire sales process. In fact in most cases outbound telemarketers need more highly developed sales skills than a full time field sales professionals.

It’s not enough to be satisfied that you have managed to find some company just to unload your cold calling onto. That company needs to have highly skilled staff, not a bunch of young Uni students run by inexperienced owners that over promise and under deliver.

Outbound telemarketers don’t have a presentation folder, or an object for the propsect to see and feel. Skilled outbond telemarketers need the skill of being able to paint strong mental pictures of the product or service over the phone that it is convincing enough for the prospect to act on.

This is not a common skill and most telemarketing companies say their staff have this skill but they don’t.

An outbound telemarketing campaign will NOT be successful unless the telemarketers have this skill!

Why are we different?

1/ We screen every single one of our staff specifically for this very unique skill,
2/ Along with previous over the phone sales all of our staff have spent at least 5 years in face to face field sales,
3/ We are professionals and we only focus on B2B outbound telemarketing. Nothing else. This is means we now our stuff,
4/ Our staff are intuitive and have highly developed skills well beyond that of a scripted telemarketer, and
5/ Our service is very cost effective, whether it be for a one man business or a large corporation.

Knowing why people won’t buy can be more powerful than knowing why they will. When you work with us, we’ll use each and every call to gain fresh business insight on your behalf.

B2B sales lead generation represents the most challenging activity for telemarketers and operators. Selling to businesses frequently involves finding out who within the company has the decision making authority to purchase your goods and services and operators need to be skilled at finding them. Skilled telemarketers and operators are highly trained and supported in order to be effective and again this is something that an in-house operation is unable to match cost effectively.

Generating sales leads that are qualified and ready to buy is a vital part of the success of your sales team and of your business. Making sure that prospects are properly qualified requires skill and quality procedures to be in place and rigorously adhered to as well as making sure the right information gets into the right hands as quickly as possible before a competitor closes the business.

TelemarketingPower B2B telemarketing is available to any business no matter how small it is. Outsourcing B2B appointment setting allows for any size of campaign to be conducted cost effectively whilst achieving excellent results. In addition, because of the experience out telemarketing B2b appointment setters have is they are an invaluable resource when it comes to planning your marketing campaign and targeting prospects and business opportunities. The only training that is required for outsourced operators is product or service knowledge and frequently this is minimal because they will already have experience of selling similar products and services in the past.

Don’t trust an amateur with your project.

Professionals know it pays to use professionals.



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