The are many COST benefits to outsourcing

Halve your staff costs and Outsource all your Lead Generation now.

Most organisations perform a simple cost analysis when deciding to a) outsource or b) keep current sales staff.

They end up just comparing their internal hourly rate to that of the outsourced hourly rate.

This is not the complete picture.

The average in-house lead generation sales person only achieves about 12-15 calls an hour. The lower call output is because of a range factors including;

  • the inefficiency of the system used,
  • call reluctance between calls,
  • other distractions like social media browsing, and
  • data entry entry time.

As we are professionals, we will achieve higher quality results, have no call reluctance, no distractions, and we have a purpose built efficient telemarketing CRM. This allows us to perform on average 40% more than an internal caller. This adds up over the long haul.

There is of course much more to a telemarketing service than just cost alone. Expert phone Lead Generators need a wide range of finely honed skills and knowledge including;

  • Voice control of Tonality and Tempo
  • Understanding of Neuro linguistics
  • Enthusiasm
  • Mental toughness
  • Strong Listening Skills
  • Understanding of open questioning
  • Persistence

These are highly developed skills that you can’t find easily and can take years of constant training and coaching to achieve.

We already have the skills and expertise to achieve any kind or size campaign you may require and have being providing excellent results since 2001.

And we can deliver this without the headaches associated the setting up, micro managing, training, and the ongoing coaching required.

Now you know how to accurately re-evaluate the true cost of outsourcing.


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