- Appraisal appointments
- Seller Leads
- Target anywhere in Australia
- All local callers
- Real Estate experienced



We have done so many Real Estate campaigns, we are so knowledgeable, no one else comes close. Chat with us, and you will know we know our stuff.

One other point, is we just do Telemarketing and we’re good at it. That’s why we don’t fragment our services with a range of other non-telemarketing services.

It’s the same in your profession. Your vendors wouldn’t want a non specialist Real Estate agent. They want a local expert that just focuses on what they do to be the best.

And with the exception of a face to face meeting; the phone has more cut through than any other marketing method, including digital & print.

You could argue that digital marketing has become so crowded, so competitive, it is hard to stand out and very difficult to obtain any real traction. Next to an actual physical face to face conversation, a phone conversation is still the second most effective communication tool today. You can deliver your message one on one to your target person, answer any common objections and then steer them to your desired outcome immediately.

These are some reasons why the very top agents make their cold, and warm calls every single day.

Our team know real estate is all about people and long term relationships. We know how real estate works and our staff our experts at developing and nurturing relationships. We have No Setup fees, No hidden fees, and all with 100% local callers.

We can collect a range of vendor data. Not just property information, but client information such as what or when they plan to do with any renovations, or if any other party or factor may influence their decision. Or maybe they want a callback at a specific date in the future. All this can be achieved with telemarketing. And at the same time we can be building a massive email database.

Our callers will also give the vendor the impression you have a dedicated team working for you which enhances your image and reputation.

We understand the most important thing you can do is prospect, prospect, prospect. Every day!  It can be tiring.

And there is nothing worse than forcing yourself to make a call when you are not in the right frame of mind. You run the risk of burning a potential vendor prospect forever.

What can we do for you specifically?

We start off calling a defined farm area for an individual or office.

We then either obtain an appraisal appointment at which point it is emailed instantly; or we obtain an email address and gain permission to add them to your email marketing.

The nuts and bolts

  • We make a maximum 3 call attempts per contact,
  • We average 20 calls per hour.
  • We use 100% professional local callers only.
  • We can generate leads/ appraisals for one person or an entire office or an entire nationwide brand.
  • Our callers represent each agent as their own personal assistant when calling.
  • We have real estate scripts for either Appraisals, Wanting to Sell, and Thinking of Selling.
  • We can lock-in appointment times with potential vendors immediately on the spot.

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