The telephone still ranks as the number one sales tool. Fortune 500 companies are using call centres and telemarketing in every aspect of their business.

Over 75% of all Fortune 500 company maintain call centres, outsourcing facilities, and utilises the benefits of outsourcing.

Why wouldn’t any size company explore the advantages of telemarketing?

Outsourcing to an experienced provider makes a great deal of commercial and business sense.

As a consulting call centre, infrastructure and staff are already in place and simply require product training, and in many cases they will already be familiar with your products and services being offered.

With our higher levels of experience and skill, our callers will also be able to deliver far better results than an ad hoc, in-house telemarketers who may not have had the infrastructure, training and experience that outsourced operators have.

Establishing an in-house B2B telemarketing leads operation can be expensive in both time and cost, as infrastructure and staff need to be established and once operational, the operating expense is high due to the highly skilled nature of the staff employed. The costs are prohibitive, especially if the telemarketing function is not going to be utilised all of the time to recoup the costs involved.

Don’t trust an amateur with your project.

Professionals know it pays to use professionals.