We can become booked out for months

One of the main strengths is our callers is that they are highly experienced with years of training under their belt.  Their experience coupled with their determination make our telemarketers unique and hard to replace.

This presents a unique problem with our strength being our weakness.

We do not simply hire backpackers, uni students or anyone just to bolster our staff numbers.

Instead once we have reached our capacity with our staff availability, we cannot simply turn on the tap and start.

The reason being is that at any given time, we may have many active proposals from 1 day to 1 year old. These organisations can contact us at anytime to commence their project.

When we proceed to commence a project, we do so giving our assurance we have current capacity to commence.

However, our availability is not static and unless a clients project progresses without delay it can mean we may have to delay your project.

An immense amount of planing needs to go into our scheduling. And we can only commence campaigns in order of readiness to commence, regardless if a client has booked months before hand but has yet to finalise all matters preventing us to commence.

Our callers just do calls. Therefore if they are not doing calls they are not doing anything at all, and as a business we cannot afford to have staff idol. Therefore, our callers get re-assigned while we wait for all matters to be finalised.

At the time all matters become finalised, campaigns only then get scheduled to commence. We can only notify you once an opening occurs, not in advance.

This is due to the fact we don’t know when a campaign will conclude as we don’t know many call attempts are required to finally reach a key decision maker.

We hope you appreciate the complex nature of our scheduling and understand if your campaign has had all outstanding matters finalised, that you may end up going into our scheduling pipeline.


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