Like most industries there are cowboys and scammers in the Telemarketing industry that unfortunately tarnish the reputation of all other reputable telemarketing companies.

Instinctively we know who they are; there the ones that tell you what you want to hear, or offer guarantees that your own common sense would normally tell you is not possible. Scams can also be as simple as not disclosing all information, costs and or processes that may impact on your business. Lets look a bit closer.


For example, assuming when a telemarketing company that provides there own call list data at no extra cost has your best interests at heart. Is there really such a thing as “No cost”. Look closer. It’s either built into the price somewhere or they just don’t care about the Do Not Call Register nor your business.

You have to ask if any telemarketing company has such a flagrant disregard to obey regulatory bodies then just how well will they look after you? Have you considered the impact of your companies image from having a telemarketing company call persons on your behalf that they should not be? Is that the kind of image your company wants to portray? Companies that don’t bother with complying to the Do Not Call Register may be representing your company now.


No matter how many times the same type of telemarketing campaign is performed that may have been with the same type of product or service within the same industry, the results change each time as every single business have differing variables for each telemarketing campaign.

This makes predicting any kind result highly improbable. Of course if every business was the same size with the same requirements; the same products or services; the same infrastructure; the same marketing budget; the same marketing strategy; within the same economical environment, within the same geographical area, then maybe it would be close. MAYBE!

Bear in mind, there are many, many more variables involved that can affect an outcome. So if you are promised this, or even vaguely stated this, then be aware!. Either you won’t receive what you are promised and irreparable damage will occur to your business or it will be built into your rate somewhere else. We receive countless stories from businesses who have already been through this.

The common thread with all scammers are promising something that really isn’t possible. There are no absolutes in marketing, however in some cases for some business a guarantee can be possible.

But this is rare; so don’t make a mistake and assume this will be possible for your business, even if it’s the same product or service as yours! Put your common sense hat back on and then you will see through it for what it is.

* It is best practice for professional businesses to conduct a telemarketing Trial/ Pilot campaign before losing hard earned money on averages or assumptions. A trial campaign can be configured to contact any number of customers you require.

In summary, if it sounds too good to be true then generally it is. If you are offered a guarantee, then look very very closely, as common sense tells you there are NO REAL guarantees.

Why are we telling you this?

One of the biggest complaints we often receive from clients that have used companies providing an up front guarantee of some sort, is the qualify of the results.

This is generally attributed to an ‘at all cost’ approach by these companies to achieve a result. We would rather not have your first encounter with an outsourced telemarketing company be a bitter experience.

This reflects poorly on reputable telemarketing companies and does damage to our industry.

It’s your business, your customers, and your reputation, wouldn’t you want the best customer interaction possible?


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