Our team achieve excellent results on a consistent basis, and It is most likely that we have completed similar projects in the same industries as yours however each and every one has had a different outcome due many variables. This is why we recommend a Trial ( Pilot) Campaign.

All Trial campaigns run for 12 weeks with a minimum 20-25 hours per week.

A Trial Telemarketing Campaign serves the purpose of establishing benchmarks for the best practice methodologies that will provide the highest predisposition for prospects committing to desired results. It will also provide the ability to ascertain the effectiveness and return on investment of our Telemarketing services.

The trial can be based on whatever budget you have available. Bearing in mind, small trials often do not provide a big enough sample data set and usually end up having much higher ongoing rates due the need for adding larger margins for error.

To properly setup a trial, there needs to be enough time for setup & configuration specific to your requirements.

We have been in operation since 2001. And one thing we know for sure, is you can never underestimate just how long it can take and how many calls required to reach a key decision maker.

People are just harder to reach and harder to pin down. Therefore we recommend a campaign allows enough time for people away on holidays, or away sick, and allows for a constant contact.

It also allows for better performance for the telemarketer to be able to get into a proper flow.

Here’s what involved for each new trial campaign.

  • An internal strategic planning session covering all information within your brief.
  • If requested, we will design of your telephone script, then test your script with internal role plays.
  • Next we will upload your campaign into our system which is configured specifically for your campaign which includes assigning relevant results outcomes for each call, set call times, email templates, and any custom field adjustments and retesting.
  • Once completed, we will clone your campaign and setup a testing campaign for our staff to train with prior to being ready to go live.
  • Once all passed internally, we then conduct a final training session to ensure all aspects of the campaign are covered.

After the Trial Campaign has been completed you would receive details of the campaign including the results, findings and recommendations.


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