Since 2001 we’ve been the premier Telemarketing agency with expert Telemarketers generating millions of high quality leads.

Whether you are a small or large organisation our talented team can help with all of your telemarketing requirements by growing your sales, generating and qualifying hotter leads; or signing up more appointments.

Our Telemarketing Services include; Appointment Setting, Data List cleaning & Updating, Lead Generation, TeleSales for Business as well as Consumer Telemarketing.

Not just for major brands,
we have over 2300 LESSER KNOWN clients

our industry experience

We have worked with government departments, various associations as well as all types of small and large business that have required telemarketing services. Below are some industries we cover.

Accounting, Banking, Bedding, Business and Personal Coaching Services, Child Care, Cleaning Contractors, Community, Construction, Consumer Products Retail, Corporate Consulting Services, Cosmetics, Dental supplies, Digital Agencies, Education & Training, Electrical trade, Engineering, Entertainment, Environmental Technologies, Financial Services & Products, Fitness Centres, Furniture, Hardware Retail, Hair, Health & Beauty, Health care, Insurance, IT, Legal, Petrochemical companies, Pharmaceuticals, Prestige Car Sales, Private & Public Schools, Property Investment, Radio Stations, Real Estate, Renewable Energy Services, Recruitment/Human Resources, Restaurants & Cafes, Security, Software/ Technology, Telecommunications, Tourism/Hospitality, Trades Services, Transport/ Logistics, and Wine Sales and the list goes on.


Sure anyone can pick-up the phone and make some calls, that’s easy. However like everything in life, it’s the execution of an activity that is critical.

We occasionally hire callers from time to time. When we do, 9 out every 10 telemarketers that apply saying they have experience and know how to perform outbound telemarketing, fail and don’t make it a full day. Why? Because know exactly what it takes and those that don’t know, will fail.

Ask yourself this. Are there things in your business that the general public would not be aware of? Of course there is.

Professionals know methods and processes that others do not. And it’s these professionals secrets of any business that make a difference. Likewise in our industry, we have developed methods and techniques that you will not be aware of. These techniques not only deliver performance, they also delivery dramatic cost savings to your business.

One high performance telemarketer can influence a prospective customer to become a lifetime customer. Just how much is one life long customer worth to your business?

Now imagine that high performance telemarketer calling not one prospective customer, but many high quality calls every hour, every day, every week, and every month. What’s a quality telemarketer now worth to your business?

This does not happen with sub standard telemarketing companies let alone sole operators or offshore callers. The reverse will occur with poor quality telemarketers. Not only will you loose potential conversion opportunities due to amateur performances, you may risk burning those prospects for life.

A good telemarketing company can dramatically change a business for the better. A poor person or company can be devastating to your business.

Other professionals know it pays to use professionals. Don’t waste your time & money on amateurs. Get in touch with the experts since 2001.