- NO lock-in contracts,
- NO hidden fees,
- NO hype,
- NO overseas callers,
- NO over promising.



Our telemarketers are highly trained and can meet your objectives by either increasing your revenue, qualifying hotter leads; or generating more appointments for your business.

We know when to listen for the exact moments when your customers or prospects want more information and are ready to close deals on the spot.

Essentially we can provide telemarketing that requires picking up the phone and talking to new or existing customers.

Outbound telemarketers don’t have a presentation folder, or an object for the prospect to see and feel. Outbound telemarketers need the skill of being able to paint strong mental pictures of the product or service over the phone that it is convincing enough for the prospect to act on. This is not a common skill in the business world in general let alone within most telemarketing companies. An outbound telemarketing campaign will NOT be successful unless the telemarketers have this skill!

Many companies try and cut financial corners by hiring high school students and wage employees. We believe this is not the best strategy to ensure an effective outcome.

The key ingredient for outbound telemarketing success is the quality of the staff. Our telemarketing staff are able to quickly identify new sales opportunities more easily than traditional telemarketers. This skill is vital when conducting outbound campaigns.

Whether its a consumer or business campaign, our team are the experts at opening the doors to buyers and decision makers and getting by the gatekeepers: receptionists, secretaries and attendants.

Don’t trust an amateur with your project.

Professionals know it pays to use professionals.