- We generate Fresh Hot Leads
- Consumer or Business Leads
- Highly Qualified
- Tailored to your needs
- No Over Promising


Fresh Qualified Leads Guaranteed

Don’t lose leads and waste time on long winded lead nurturing campaigns. One of our well executed Lead Generation campaigns will add significantly to the bottom line of your company. And not 6-12 months from now. We mean fresh leads now, today.

However, it takes a good lead generation company with excellent processes and skills to ensure excellent outcomes.

Let’s face it, who’s got the time and resolve to wait months to get a results from Inbound / digital marketing that’s mildly qualified if at all.

And we’re not talking about a qualified lead in most cases, these are still at the warm lead stage. So you’ll still need to call them to qualify the them. This is just not realistic as we all need to pay bills and survive.

However, we’ve known many businesses that have blown months and months, some a whole year in search of that holy grail magical inbound marketing bullet. Only to realise, their competitors hired us, and were killing it with their Lead generation using our Telemarketing services.

In any case, telemarketing still captures email addresses for those that are not interested to commit now allowing your inbound content marketing to do it’s part.

So 1) telemarketing will get you results NOW and 2) telemarketing can also generate leads that you can nurture for results down the road.

The concept of Inbound Marketing is to improve customer experience and build trust by offering potential customers information they value.

The formulae goes something like this; ATTRACT + SHARE INFORMATION OF VALUE + GAIN TRUST = CONVERSION.

That’s fine there is nothing wrong with that. Except.

In order to share information of value to these customers, you first need the customer to opt-in to one of the vast communication channels saturating the market today.

The problem is obtaining opt-ins on these communication channels, as signup abandonment is huge.

Recently one of our clients, went down the Inbound Marketing path and spent a fortune. 3-months down the track, just a handful of opt-ins and not 1 sale from “inbound marketing”. Yet in just 1 day from our Telemarketing, we obtained 100 times, yes 100 times more contacts, and his first sale.

Digital marketing has become so crowded, so competitive, it is hard to stand out and very difficult to obtain any real traction.

We provide Lead Generation with our expert Telemarketing team. Our Telemarketers can generate Hot Qualified Leads for Business or Consumers SUPER QUICK!

After you engage our services;

  • We can hop on the phones and reach your target person in seconds,
  • Qualify those leads exactly how you require, and
  • Then send those qualified leads instantly.


How else can you do that?


Telemarketing team


Get this. Digital marketing agencies that tell you to use their digital marketing services to generate new business, actually hire us to generate them new business. In fact, we work behind the scenes for the biggest brands in the world. We’re the agency that other marketing agencies contact to generate them leads.

We’re not saying digital marketing doesn’t work. But when you need results sooner rather than months later. Our Lead Generation Telemarketing services are unbeatable. And we’ve been the leading experts since 2001.

Fresh Leads Guaranteed

We never RE-use any form of existing lead. All our leads are generated fresh and tailored to your exact requirements. We generate our leads with our telemarketers making phone calls to new and or existing customers on your behalf.

They are generated exclusively for you and have never and will never be used by any another other person or company.

Next to an actual physical face to face conversation, telemarketing is still the second most effective communication tool today.

You can deliver your message one on one to your ideal target person, answer any common objections and then steer them to your desired outcome immediately.

Generating leads is not just about providing as many Hot leads as possible. It is also about qualifying these leads specific to your needs.

Once a prospect has demonstrated they are interested it becomes a lot easier to obtain important information about them such as their likes, dislikes, budget and time frame for making a purchase of a product or service.

Lead Generation can be used for; topping up your sales leads pipeline with fresh new leads, nurturing new leads, following up on old leads, and cleaning up your database while generating fresh new sales leads as the same time.

Lead Generation requires constant cultivating of new leads however it is not just about providing a company with an abundance of leads.

It is also be about creating filters (qualifying criteria) for these leads to the extent of each company’s specific needs.

Highly qualified Leads

For example an organisation may have a prime objective to use telemarketing to set appointments. As the caller sifts through each prospect they could assign a Cold, Warm, or a Hot lead status dependent on each outcome.

This process can be applied to many other objectives such as Selling a product of service over the phone, Market research, Surveys, Database updating etc.

Multiple objectives

With any Lead Generation process you can also have more than one objective.

As an example, objective one could be to achieve a sale. In the event that objective is not successful then, objective two could be that we setup an appointment to further explain the proposition.

And finally, if both previous objectives have not been met; objective three could simply be to gain permission to remain in contact via email.


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