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- Billions of calls experience
- Strong Management
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about us

Our Telemarketing company has been in operation since 2001. We know what works and what doesn’t.

Our aim is to position our organisation as your seamless invisible partner to deliver improved business outcomes.

The key ingredients to success in providing effective telemarketing are strong systems, efficient procedures, talented staff and an experienced and knowledgeable management team.

Strong Management

We have telemarketers nationwide and are backed up by our strong management team that haven’t just started yesterday.

Collectively, our management team, have over 100 years of management experience at your service.

Lead Generation Services

Department Heads

General Manager | Alan Carter

Script Design | Stuart Wilson

Campaign Manager | Steve Williams

Business Development | John Sheay

Accounts Department | Peter Singh

Employment & Training | Allison Meredith

Experience counts & professionals know it pays to use professionals

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