- NO lock-in contracts,
- NO hidden fees,
- NO hype,
- NO overseas callers,
- NO over promising.



Do we book in the actual date and time for the Appointment?

Yes we lock it in and send you all the details of where and when.

How are the Appointments booked in?

We can book them into your CRM or directly into ours which can link to any Google Calendar.

How qualified are the Appointments?

We can add as many qualifying questions as you require. Just remember, the more you qualify the less quantity you will receive.

Can you book for multiple reps?

Yes we have capacity to book for unlimited reps each with their own calendar.

Can I space out my appointment times?

Yes, simply tell us how much time in between including travel time.

Can you send a confirmation to the prospect?

Yes, we can email them your details and the date and time of the appointment.


We are a specialist Appointment Setting Company with an expert local team that can generate all forms of (B2B) Business to Business Appointments and (B2C) Business to Consumer Appointments for any industry.

Many organisations have come to the conclusion that their staff are much better utilised closing opportunities in Appointments rather than spending their valuable time on the phone Appointment Setting.

Leverage your time

One of the main reasons for this conclusion is that sitting on the phone and face to face sales calls require two very distinct mind sets. And calling can be counter productive as it can be a hard slog and will often leave a sales person feeling flat when they should be in positive state of mind.

By using our appointment setting services you will get better results. This is because this is all we do day in day out. We have improved appointment setting capabilities and systems.

And you’ll get better results simply because we will stick at it, consistently, until they book the meeting. BUT not at the cost of quality!

Enhanced Image

Either you or your director or manager need to enhance their image by having someone call and set appointments on their behalf.

This not only frees up precious time of key personal it enhances their professional image. If you’re the owner of Director of a company, how would a prospect view you if you have to call a prospect to set-up your own appointments?

If you’re a small business owner you can immediately punch above your weight. Compare that to if you’d had to phone cold and ask yourself, which positions you best with your prospect?

We have that capacity to delivery large volumes of highly qualified appointments to cater for any size organisation. This can allow you to ramp volumes as much or a little as required and when required.

But apart from delivering large volumes of Appointments; depending on the level of prospect you’re a looking for appointment with, from the CEO in large corporations down to owners of small business, it takes a certain amount of time book a qualified sales appointments.

It can take anything from 2 days to 2 months for very hard-to-reach prospects to half a day for smaller companies is the norm.

If you are comparing using you own staff to an external provider such as us, consider this. Due to caller reluctance, inefficient systems and just goofing off, the average internal staff person only achieves a staggering 12-13 calls per hour. We achieve double this. So it would take the average internal caller 2 hours to make the same number of calls as our staff make in 1 hour and we would achieve better results.

And our callers are professional seasoned callers and you don’t need to worry about employment costs, sick days, training or monitoring, just NO headaches!

Don’t trust an amateur with your project.

Professionals know it pays to use professionals.