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Surveys assist in aligning the needs of customers with that of an organisation. They are a great way to obtain input from potential and/or existing customers.

Surveys can be used to;

  • To prove or disprove a hypothesis about their audience, competitors, etc.
  • Track customer satisfaction levels
  • Compare awareness of their brand with those of their competitors
  • Measure changes in employee happiness over time
  • Get feedback on new or potential products

They also allow organisations to keep a finger on the pulse of their current clients or audience so they can be alert to any unusual shifts, either positive or negative.

Customer surveys, should always be backed up by true listening and commitment to act.

We specialise in telemarketing surveys and believe they are superior to other forms for these reasons.

  1. Instant results are able to obtained without waiting for and relying on a participant to take action.
  2. Speed of implementation and large data volume is available utilising surveys via telemarketing.
  3. Tonality responses are able to be obtained whereby participants may express via an auditory response a positive or negative reaction to a topic or question.

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