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Our Telesales team can sell anything over phone

Our definition of Telesales is any telemarketing activity whereby a sales transaction occurs over the phone. Of course some people use Telesales as a generic term for telemarketing.

The sale is the final part of the Telesales process and depending on your sales product or service, may take one or two calls, or numerous calls over weeks sometimes months.

In between, their could be information provided to gain trust of the prospective purchaser, and numerous follow-up calls to nurture the lead.

There are other variables involved that impact how quickly a sale occurs.

For example if a Telesales phone call is to a previous or current customer that already knows your brand or if it’s a cold call.

Of course on a cold call you would have more work to do to establish trust and this would take longer to achieve a sales compared to an existing or past customer.

And generally the higher the sales price the more work needs to be done to achieve a sale.

In all the above scenarios we have experience across a range of products/ services and industries from $10 items for sale, to blocks of land site unseen.

Experience counts & professionals know it pays to use professionals

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