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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read through our Tips, Recommendations, and some of our more commonly asked questions and concerns.

The telephone still ranks as the number one sales tool. Over 75% of all Fortune 500 companies maintain call centers, outsourcing facilities, and utilise the benefits of outsourcing.

Unlike many modern digital marketing methods, telemarketing has excellent cut through and always delivers outcomes, not sometimes not maybe; always!

Digital marketing has become so crowded, so competitive, it is hard to stand out and very difficult to obtain any real traction.

The cost of selling is escalating over time and time is ever in short supply to make face-to-face sales calls. But stiff competition requires that companies keep notching up their sales goals every quarter and every year. The secret lies with the proper use of successful telephone sales techniques.

Inbound Marketing vs Telemarketing

The concept of Inbound Marketing is to improve customer experience and build trust by offering potential customers information they value.

The formulae goes something like this; ATTRACT + SHARE INFORMATION OF VALUE + GAIN TRUST = CONVERSION.

That’s fine there is nothing wrong with that. Except.

In order to share information of value to these customers, you first need the customer to opt-in to one of the vast communication channels saturating the market today. The problem is obtaining opt-ins on these communication channels, as signup abandonment is huge.

Recently one of our clients (, went down the Inbound Marketing path and spent a fortune. 3-months down the track, a handful of opt-ins and not 1 sale from “inbound marketing”. Yet in just 1 day from our Telemarketing, we obtained 100 times, yes 100 times more emails, and his first sale.

The Facts

1. Telemarketing is still one of the most powerful methods of reaching potential customers,
2. Telemarketing is still the best way to identify qualified leads,
3. Telemarketing instantly allows you to identify relevant contacts, and
4. Telemarketing works because Everyone has a phone.

Outsourcing to an experienced provider makes a great deal of commercial and business sense. As a consulting call centre, infrastructure and staff are already in place and simply require product training, and in many cases they will already be familiar with your products and services being offered. With their higher levels of experience and skill, they will also be able to deliver far better results than an ad hoc, in-house telemarketers who may not have had the infrastructure, training and experience that outsourced operators have.

The Cost
Most organisations perform a simple cost analysis comparing their internal hourly rate for hiring their own telemarketer to the outsourced hourly rate. However the average employee that organisations have to do their own inhounse telemarketing perform about 12-15 calls an hour. This is because of a range factors including but limiting to call reluctance between calls, and data entry entry time.

Our company can perform much more than this but without the headaches. Which means your overall cost is lower.

The main advantages of telemarketing are;

  • No Initial Infrastructure Cost Barrier,
  • Ease of implementation,
  • Quick deployment,
  • Detailed Analysis,
  • Better Results, and
  • The ability to obtain the most critical component in marketing; the reasons why a person is not interested.

Why wouldn’t any size company explore the advantages of telemarketing

Our company has been in operation since 2001. We are not a re-seller, we provide the actual telemarketing services our selves, and all our callers are 100% locals, not from an overseas call center.

First off, we don’t have one fixed rate or way we charge. Instead, we tailor our service to your budget. You can pay for as little or as much as you can afford.

How we work?

We never use any form of existing lead. All our leads are generated fresh and tailored to your exact requirements. We generate our leads with our telemarketers making phone calls to new and or existing customers on your behalf. They are generated exclusively for you and have never and will never be used by any another other person or company.

How To Get Started

After accepting our quote and you wish to proceed; we operate on a first in first served basis whereby once we have reached our capacity, we may be booked out for months at a time.

Booking Your Campaign

Upon your instruction to book a campaign we would send you our campaign brief to complete. Our Campaign Brief form is used as the main document to construct your campaign including using it for any script development. It is a detailed and comprehensive form specifically designed to enable us to complete your campaign.

Campaign Preparation

Only once we receive all campaign information can we lock in a start date for your campaign. From here, we will then use your Campaign Brief to construct your campaign and train our staff. This also includes script design if required.


We normally commence campaign within 5-10 business days however this is subject to current workloads.

During The Campaign

Our process involves attempting to reach all target prospects within the assigned maximum campaign hours. During the campaign you will receive Daily Activity reports which include full activity breakdowns, and customer comments.

If required, you are able to make minor script variations during the campaign, however script changes will cause delay and can take up to 1-2 days to implement and a further half day for re-training.

Campaign Conclusion

At the conclusion of your campaign you would receive all the details of the campaign including the results, findings and recommendations. We stand by our results and do not ask our clients to commit to any long term contract. Instead we believe in developing long term relationships with our clients without long term binding contracts by demonstrating outstanding results.

We do not have a set rate. We’re a professional organisation that offer tailored solutions for businesses with different requirements. If you wish to partner with a professional organisation to build the best solution for your requirements, then we are your partner.

We transform businesses with our highly trained experienced callers. They don’t need a script, they have exceptional listening skills and know how to lead someone to an outcome to create a sustainable lifetime customer.

We just don’t work with one client – we have many clients all with very different preferences which influence results more than our performance.

Therefore we suggest a minimum 1 month trial (better with 3-months) if you need specific benchmarks as we cannot and will not provide any in advance.

We’re small enough to work with individual consultants and big enough to handle clients such government departments, and large international corporations.

Telemarketing is extremely effective, however it does take a lot of calls; more specifically call-backs. It is very rare to reach your decision maker on the first call. So you need to allow for multiple calls.

Your key decision maker could be not available for 100 reasons. So you need to allow for this. Read More

Anywhere from 5 – 10 day – subject to how soon you book and our current workloads. Click here to read more.

The first step is to complete our telemarketing client brief designed to gather information about your requirements. This is only document we use to prepare your campaign, not multiple emails or verbal instructions. If it’s not in the brief, it won’t get used. So it is an extremely important step not to be neglected as this is crucial to the success of your campaign. We recommended not delegating this step or rushing the process otherwise errors and or delays will occur.

And if supplying your own prospect calling list please ensure all landlines numbers include an area code and have no dots, dashes, brackets, minus signs, plus signs, country codes, or anything else other than the full number. We cannot use it otherwise.

Yes. All our callers are 100% local.

We have worked with all types businesses that benefit from one of one conversations which is virtually any business, government or organisation.

We work with large, small, private and public companies, to government departments. There is no campaign too big or too small that our team can’t handle. Our staff are capable of talking with consumers to CEO’s and CFO’s.

Below are some industries we cover. BUT NOT ALL as too many to mention.

Accounting, Banking, Bedding, Brokerage services, Business and Personal Coaching Services, Child Care, Cleaning Contractors, Community, Construction, Consumer Products Retail, Corporate Consulting Services, Cosmetics, Dental supplies, Digital Agencies, Education & Training, Electrical trade, Engineering, Entertainment, Environmental Technologies, Financial Services & Products, Fitness Centres, Furniture, Hardware Retail, Hair, Health & Beauty, Health care, Insurance, IT, Legal, Manufacturing, Petrochemical companies, Pharmaceuticals, Prestige Car Sales, Private & Public Schools, Property Investment, Radio Stations, Real Estate, Renewable Energy Services, Recruitment/Human Resources, Restaurants & Cafes, Security, Software/ Technology, Telecommunications, Tourism/Hospitality, Trades Services, Transport/ Logistics, and Wine Sales and the list goes on.

Our team achieve excellent results on a consistent basis, and It is most likely that we have completed similar projects in the same industries as yours however each and every one has had a different outcome due many variables. This is why we recommend a Trial ( Pilot) Campaign.

A Trial Telemarketing Campaign is a fixed price campaign that serves the purpose of establishing benchmarks for the best practice methodologies that will provide the highest predisposition for prospects committing to desired results. A Trial Telemarketing Campaign will also provide the ability to ascertain the effectiveness and return on investment of our Telemarketing services.

How long for a Trial?

A Trial/ Pilot can be over any period we have no minimums. However, if you are seriously considering a telemarketing as a long term lead generation process, then a successful Trial ideally should run as long as possible.

People are hard to reach these days, they might be away on holidays, sick, or just too busy. So there needs to be enough time allocated for you to be able to reach your target person. On average 2-3 call attempts need to be made In order to reach key decision makers. These calls need to be made at different times and intervals, over days, weeks, even months.

Too short a duration will provide an inaccurate reflection of the effectiveness and return on investment of a Telemarketing service.

What Happens After The Trial?

After the Trial Campaign has been completed you would receive all the details of the campaign including the results, findings and recommendations. We stand by our results and do not ask our clients to commit to any long term contract. Instead we believe in developing long term relationships with our clients without long term binding contracts by demonstrating outstanding results.

In fact over 70% of our business comes from repeat customers. That says a lot.

For outbound campaigns, one of the most critical factors in the success is the quality of the list your working from.

Generally there are 4 types of lists that can be used;

  1. Use your own data list
  2. Use a purchased list
  3. Use of an in-house list, or
  4. Use directory pages

Which is the Best List Option?
When deciding what type of list to use it is recommended that the source list have up to date information including contact details of the decision maker. This will of course exclude directory pages. And in most cases it will also exclude in-house lists supplied by a telemarketing company as they can be years old.

The best choices are either your own list or a list that is purchased.

It is a mistake to believe that you will be saving money using an in house list or using directories to call from as one of the biggest hurdles when calling is getting through to the person that makes the decision. A lot of time can be wasted on the phone with (in the case of business to business) gatekeepers who take a time screening your call in order to stop you getting through. The same can happen with householder calls if the wrong person picks up the phone and you fail to get through that’s it, you’ve blown the call.

In contrast having a list that has contact details allows the telemarketer to create familiarity in the voice tone allowing a much higher percentage of calls to get through.

If someone called you and asked who would be the person that looks after purchasing widgets then you immediately identify the call as a telemarketing call and your reaction becomes defensive straight away. If on the other hand a telemarketer calls and asks for a person by their first name it creates an entirely different outcome.

Although in house lists may also have contact details for decision makers they are almost always out of date. Even if it isn’t out of date then most likely those same prospects will have been called recently for another campaign and as a result maybe less responsive when it comes to your campaign.

So with In house lists and directories, the time taken dancing around trying to find out who is the correct decision maker can end up costing much more then the cost of purchasing a current, fresh prospect list. Of course if you have your own list then that’s even better.

There is one other consideration however. With a list that has contact names within it, you are more likely to get past any receptionist (gatekeeper) however you are also more likely not to speak to that contact on the first, second or even the third call resulting in a very high unreachable count. This becomes more evident wither higher ranking job titles. So it is important to weigh up the pros and cons of either chancing it with the receptionists or chancing by targeting a specific person and not being able to reach them at all.

In order to make a marketing campaign as effective as possible you need to give your prospects a compelling reason/ statement to listen then act on the call.

Particularly important when calling, is to provide your prospects with enough of a compelling reason during the first 30 seconds of the conversation for them to want to learn more about you and what you offer.

The short answer is, yes they do. Phone registers exist to protect consumers from unwanted calls from businesses selling products or services.

This applies irrespective of where the call originates from. For example, telemarketers operating outside of the country of the company or person having the telemarketing done, still must comply with the legislation. However, if an overseas telemarketer is found in breach of the legislation, the local authority that regulates the Phone Registry will pursue that company linked to that telemarketer. So watch out, choose a professional onshore company that knows what they’re doing as it can cost hundreds of thousands in fines for repeat offenders.

We’re not exaggerating. In 2018 a huge $285,600 fine was imposed on a company breaching the Australian Do Not Call Register. Needless to say that fine buried the company. Read the article here


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