Optimum for Telemarketing CampaignS

How long you should you trial the effectiveness of Telemarketing?

Well it depends if you are anticipating using telemarketing as a long term marketing tool or a once off. If the later, then the longer the better. Why?

Telemarketing is extremely effective, however it does take a lot of calls; more specifically call-backs.

It is very rare to reach your decision maker on the first call. So you need to allow for multiple calls.

Your key decision maker could be not available for 100 reasons. So you need to allow for this.

Even if you do reach your decision maker, you may need to allow enough time for them to think about your offer. Every situation is different.

In any lead generation activity, there is a pyramid that reflects the reality of marketing.

At the very top of pyramid, you have people who are 1) interested and 2) ready to act.

As you move down the pyramid there will be people at various stage of interest and readiness to act.

The vast majority are going to be people, not ready to act and or not highly interested. So you need to allow enough time to nurture these leads to conclusion.

The other issue with short term campaigns is running the risk of calling back too soon due the condensed time frame.

This can potentially burn opportunities forever by annoying prospects from calling too often. In fact, we have worked on campaigns where leads from our initial call have converted years later.

Also, a properly executed campaign may need multiple script adjustments to optimise results. This is only possible with a reasonable campaign duration.

So to run a short campaign to establish the effectiveness of telemarketing is not a great strategy. Certainly not if you are trying to establish whether or not to use Telemarketing long term or not.

For best practise methodologies in establishing clear benchmarks specific for your business, we recommend running a campaign for as long as your budget can manage.

Yes you can trial a campaign for even as little as a week, and we will happily execute this for you.

However, there is a reason why we have been around since 2001 with over 70% of our business coming from exiting customers.

That’s because we want you as a long term customer so we tell as it is, not just to get a sale. We prefer to position oursevles as long term trusted advisors for our clients.

And as such, from our experience since 2001 and over 1 Billion calls; we have found short campaigns do not provide enough time to truly establish clear benchmarks. Click this link here to see this case study.


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