- 100% Local Staff
- General Call Answering
- Order fulfillment
- Technical help desk
- No lock-in contracts

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service since 2001


Outsourcing your project to our experienced Call Centre staff makes a great deal of commercial sense as it allows you to dramatically scale your efforts with minimal increase of internal overheads. In addition, technology, personnel, and legal issues can be a huge burden.

With our infrastructure, experience and staff already in place, in many cases we simply require some additional  training specific to your business.

We offer;

  • No Initial Infrastructure Cost Barrier
  • Ease of implementation
  • Scalability on demand
  • Quick deployment
  • Detailed Analysis and
  • Better Results.

Our aim is to position our organisation as your seamless invisible partner to deliver improved business outcomes through strategic value creation.

Our skilled staff can perform any kind of activity involving talking to new or existing customers, whether it be a business or consumer.

This enables our clients to concentrate on the more business-oriented aspects of their processes.

By engaging services, you can literally triple your output in a matter of days.

This process then frees you and your organisations time to focus on other ventures without the need to worry about sick days, training or monitoring, just NO headaches!

And all our callers are 100% locally based offering Inbound call handling and Outbound lead generation.

  • General Call Answering
  • Order fulfillment
  • Technical help desk
  • Database updating
  • Lead Generation and Appointment setting. 

9 out of 10 professional businesses choose us

Why chance it with amateurs - professionals know it pays to use professionals

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