It has fantastic cut through.

Let’s just say we have many digital marketing clients that use us to get them customers. In fact, that’s how the founder of one of Australia’s largest digital agencies built their business. Not online, but with good old fashioned cold calls.

You could argue that digital marketing has become so crowded, so competitive, it is hard to stand out and very difficult to obtain any real traction.

Next to an actual physical face to face conversation, a phone conversation is still the second most effective communication tool today.

You can deliver your message one on one to your ideal target person, answer any common objections and then steer them to your desired outcome immediately.

Our team can provide a host of outbound telemarketing services that can notify your customers about hot deals keyed to their interests or any other information you would like them to know about.


1. Telemarketing can reach customers instantly allowing you to achieve instant results.

2. With telemarketing, you get a second chance at reaching and selling to prospects by obtaining email addresses while you’re on the phone.

3. Imagine 10 years of marketing and not creating an accurate picture as to why more customers are not buying. Feedback is KING and telemarketing allows you to capture this feedback unlike non-interactive marketing.call.

The fact is, most Fortune 500 companies rely on telemarketing as there number one communication tool, whether it be for lead generation, or customer nurturing.

We have the systems in place that will track every prospect and send them back to you as lead.

This includes our ability to send emails on behalf as if it come from your own system, without us needing any email account information, just tell us what from email address.

Experience counts & professionals know it pays to use professionals

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