We specialise in all forms of outbound telemarketing in Business to Consumer and Business to Business. All programs are personalised to your individual needs.

Many outbound telemarketing programs we develop for our clients have more than one objective. For example, some of our clients combine appointment setting with database update, others combine phone sales with up-selling.

Outbound telemarketing requires 3 things.

1) First you need a list of prospects to call which can be source form your own database or purchased from us.
2) Second an effective telemarketing script, which we would assist in developing for you.
3) And lastly you need a specialised telemarketing team that focus only on outbound calls.

We believe this is not the best strategy to ensure an effective outcome. The key ingredient for outbound telemarketing success is the quality of your staff. All of our staff have had years of not only telemarketing experience but face to face field sales. Due to their professional field sales experience, our telemarketing staff are able to quickly identify new sales opportunities more easily than traditional telemarketers. This skill is vital when conducting outbound campaigns.

Our specialisation in outbound telemarketing campaigns ensures our team only focuses on being the best at outbound telemarketing.

Whether its a consumer or business campaign, our team are the experts at opening the doors to buyers and decision makers and getting by the gatekeepers: receptionists, secretaries and attendants.

Experience counts & professionals know it pays to use professionals

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