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telemarketers THAT GET RESULTS

What we know is worlds apart from other Telemarketers

Our team are highly experienced in all forms of b2b and b2c telemarketing for a wide range of industries.Although not all telemarketers are the created equal, ALL telemarketers are a unique breed.

They not only need to have a tough skin, they need to have a diverse range of sales skills like no other sales profession. For example telemarketers have no presentation folders or props to rely on and no body language clues. They have nothing but their listening skills and their ability to handle objections then lead a prospect to a pre-defined objective.

The fact is most communication does not even occur by speech, most happens non verbally. Every day, people with even the same native tongue miss-communicate all the time. That is because communication is a complicated process and has many nuances and subtleties to it that can be easily overlooked.

So where does that leave the poor old telemarketer?

Well to be a great telemarketer you need to be focused like a laser beam ready to pounce on closing opportunities when they arise.

Not even a brilliantly written script ensures the success of a telemarketer. In fact a great telemarketer is a top sales person in any profession. They need to pickup on opportunities, objectives and even the tone of the prospects voice to tailor their pitch up, down, side ways, any which way to achieve the objective.

All the while maintaining composure while sometimes having to handle aggressive prospects.

To have telemarketing work well for your organization you need to not only have good telemarketers but you also need to know a) what market segment to target and a good database; b) a clear objective; c) a clear message with a strong USP; and of course d) a solid pitch.

Our telemarketer services include;

  • Appointment setting
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Customer Follow-ups
  • Data Cleansing
  • Email Support
  • Lead Generation
  • List Management
  • Telesales

Sourcing a telemarketer through us makes a great deal of sense.

Our infrastructure and staff are already in place and simply require product training, and in many cases they will already be familiar with your products and services being offered.

With their higher levels of experience and skill. Due to our experience, our telemarketers will also be able to deliver far better results than an ad hoc, in-house telemarketer.


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